My Paintings are About Human Beings, Politics, Sociality and Nature Unbound

Curriculum Vitae

Autobiographical Statement

1955 Born Tel Aviv, Israel
1959 Moved to London, UK
1973 Graduated from high school, returned to Israel
1974 Founding member of Kibbutz (collective), Israel
1974 Army Service (medic)
1977-78 Worked in Cairo, Egypt
1978-82 B.F.A. Bezalel Art Academy, Jerusalem, Israel
1984-86 M.F.A. Pratt Institute, New York, USA
1989-90 Lived in East Berlin, Germany
1992-00 Lived in Tel Aviv, Israel
2000-02 Lived and worked in Abuja, Nigeria
2003-05 Lived and worked in Canberra ACT, Australia
2006-08 Lived and worked in Bangkok, Thailand
2008-11 Lived and worked in Helsinki, Finland
2011-15 Lived and worked in Pretoria, South Africa
2015-19 Lived and worked in Hong Kong
2019- Currently living and working in in Vancouver, Canada & selling privately


1982 Group show “The Other World” Jerusalem Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel
1982 Group show under the auspices of The American-Israel Cultural Foundation, Helen Rubinstein Museum of Modern Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
1983 Group show “Here and Now” The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
1984 Group show, Gallery 90, Tel Aviv, Israel
1984 Group show, “Catastrophe”, Jerusalem Theatre, Jerusalem, Israel
1985 Group show, “Myth Without God”, Jerusalem Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel
1986 Group show, Bezalel Academy Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel
1987 One-man show, Ramat Gan Museum of Art, Ramat Gan, Israel
1987 Group show, Gallery Rega, Tel Aviv, Israel
1988 Group show “Israeli Artists Solidarity Show for Palestinian Self Determination”, Gallery Rega, Tel Aviv, Israel
1988 Group show “Leading Israeli Artists for AIDS Research”, Gallery Richter, Jaffa, Israel
1989 Group show/happening, New Visions Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
1990 Designed nationally distributed poster “The Names Project-The Israel Tour”
2004 Group show, Stephanie Burns Fine Arts, Canberra, AUS
2004 Fundraising Exhibition for the Erylden Trust, Sydney, AUS
2005 Group show “Hommage à Cézanne”, Stephanie Burns Fine Arts, Canberra, AUS
2005 Group show, Gallery Caviar, Cooma, New South Wales, AUS
2007 One man show “Elective Affinities” Catherine Schubert Fine Arts Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2008 One man show “Through a Glass Darkly” Patravadi Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2011 One man show Hotel Radisson Blue, The Mezzine Gallery, Helsinki


1979 The Herman Struck Prize for Outstanding Printmaking in Israel
1980 The America-Israel Cultural Foundation Grant
1981 The America-Israel Cultural Foundation Grant
1985/86 Pratt Institute Foreign Student Grant for Excellence in Academic Performance

Professional Experience (only as related to the arts)

1978-79Art therapy for disturbed children, Jerusalem, Israel
1979-82Teaching assistantship, Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem, Israel
1984-86Teaching assistantship, Pratt Institute, New York, USA
1985-86Internship at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, USA
1986-89Art teacher at the Tel Aviv School of the Arts, Tel Aviv, Israel
1991-93Established art program and headed the department at the Gavrieli
1993 Directed joint environmental art project for Arab & Jewish school children in Israel (under the aegis of “Interns for Peace”)
1993-97Taught private art classes
1997-99Taught English “through art” at a school for disadvantaged children in
2000- Teaching private art classes